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kharaa Hostel AND tours

Hostel & tour along the Trans-Mongolian railway

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In Mongolia, you need to hire a private car and guide to discover the country as it is very large with relatively few people. We are located along a branch of the trans Mongolian railway at Tunchel Village, Selenge province. It is a beautiful part of Mongolia less discovered by locals and tourists. Our hostel is located 5 minutes walk from the train station at center of Tunchel village, a 3 hour train ride from Ulaanbaatar or a 4 hour drive of 110 kms. From our Hostel, we organize kayaking, biking, and hiking trips to groups and independent travelers along the Kharaa river and surrounding mountains further to Zuunkharaa & Baruunkharaa. These trips have a tour schedule that meets a train time table, so travelers can join or take a historical railway tour along the trans Mongolian railway and for a return. We also organize a wilderness hiking in part of the Siberian forest in the area of Selenge with a Russian truck as a support vehicle.


Volunteer in Mongolia

To be sustainable in the Tunchel community, we like to setup workshops or activities for travelers and volunteers so they can have internship and work experience in the Tunchel community by staying in our Kharaa Hostel. Our workshops and programs will help you to live in another country, to make friends with other international visitors, and share your experience & knowledge with the local community in Tunchel, Selenge. You can volunteer to teach English, plant trees, learn to make cheese, build a Yurt, clean up an area, introduce or test a renewable energy resource, etc to help improve this naturally rich and beautiful village only 3 hours train ride access from Ulaanbaatar.

shambhala ToURS

Personally guided spiritual tours in secret places in Mongolia

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It is becoming clear that many contemporary spiritual healing ideas and concepts are hidden deep in the culture of Mongolian nomads . Mongolia is not only a destination for riding a horse or staying in a yurt, it is a special land of Mother Earth and Father of Eternal Blue Sky. Personally, I would be very happy to guide you into secret areas of Mongolia of spiritual significance to practice and experience soul healing under a Eternal Blue Sky.


Nov 2005
Dear Daka!
We are Pep and Pilar the Catalan couple that been in Mongolia last summer and we contract the trip to Huvsgul lake with a Jewesh girl and English boy. We had wonderful trip with your organization. Thanks for every thing and good luck with next winter that is coming! Take Care.
Pilar Guitart
7Aug 2005
Dear Daka,
It is almost a year ago now since we have been travelling with you through a Gobi.We still think about this great trip quite often. It was wonderful. After Mongolia we went to Beijing, Nepal, Tibet , Bangladesh,Burma and Thailand and end of Febuary we went back home in Holland. Somehow, Gobi kept being a wind of most special expereince: countryside and people were great.You and your crew played important role in this success trip as a role.
Jan, Aagie
Dear Daka!
Now my stay in Mongolia will end and I feel quite sad because I had a wonderful time in your country. And that is because of you mainly! You helped me with so many things introduced me to the right people and really made me feel at home. I am impressed of rich culture and rich heart that Mongolian people have and though I also see a problems in your country. I think we European people can learn a lot a your way of living.Daka, really I hope one day you can visit Switzerland and be our guest.
Love! Grazila
Dear Daka
Our trip to Gobi was great.Davaa was great driver and made us feel safe. He arranged us to visit many families to drink many airag and cheese. We had a great time. Only thing we were sorry, is were we can not speak Davaa more since he is nice.
Sanny and Yaniv


/Founder of Happy Mongolia Tours/

Founder of Happy Mongolia is Daka: Back in 2002 when I started to travel into the countryside outside of Ulaanbaatar city, there were no paved roads, internet, or many tourist ger camps. We used to design our own itinerary on the way day-by-day, with the challenges of different weather and road experiences. We became true nomads sleeping in yurts and experiencing the a wild beauty of nature and the people and culture. At that time, most tourist and travellers were open to discovery and being pioneers in in writing guide books or mapping challenges. Only Russian military jeeps or vans were able to travel off the main roads. We used to pack all needs in a truck before we left the city for the next 2-3 weeks. We only used to buy a fuel along the road, and other needs had to be requisitioned before the trip in a city.
More and more, the internet and roads are being expanded throughout the country. Many tourist ger camps and travel companies have developed in the tourism field, and most tour itinerary and plans today fit one standard, without offering much experience of the real Mongolia.
After organizing so many tailor-made tours for different groups and independent travellers since 2002, I started the popular “Happy Mongolia” tour among my clients. In 2020, big changes and challenges around world have given me the opportunity to make changes to update my travel business . To be more in Nature for a healthy life style, i decided to move out of the city with my family into the small village of Tunchel,110 kms north of Ulaanbaatar, a 3 hours train ride from the city. I live in Tunchel village most of the time. You are welcome to join our tours or workshops designed for different interests: 1. Spiritual 2.Adventerous; 3. Sustainable .Thank you!